There is streaming Yui - virginity loss

A few months ago, I applied for a model for the first time.
Since I was asked from the beginning "Because it is a virgin so I can not insert it"
I have taken several shoots considering the plan that such Yui chan can do.
Every time I take a picture and watch a cheering message from a person who saw the work
"I am afraid to be painful but I am thinking about trying hard at virginity loss ..."
I began to receive consultation.
As a work there is a desire to shoot,
I was just puzzled whether asking for that precious moment that is only once in my life.
However, after taking several shots, it means "I do not know if I can really lose it, but let's shoot!"
Since the insertion relation really hurts in the shooting so far,
I assumed that I could not be lost, in that case I was planning to make it like a "virgin loss challenge!"
Yui who can not be helped by the anxiety on the day of filming.
I am anxious, but I hide it if I can not make Yui anxious.
Actually, I do not like acts that girls hurt in the first place ....
However, in actual shooting it was Yui who pushed me on such a frightened back.
Sometimes I heard "Do you want to stop inserting?",
Nods silently without enduring a brutal painsuit,
It desperately tells the intention of "Continuing as scheduled".
As a result it was inserted for a long time,
Something seemed to be somewhat relieved pain in the second half.
In the last annual interview,
He talks about pain beyond what I had assumed.
Please do not stop photographing, please see the appearance of Yui who managed to reach virginity loss.
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Yui - Lost virginity

There is streaming Yui - virginity loss

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